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Provision of basic education under the Charter of Foundation of 6.12.2001 in wording of the amendments; on 1st July 2002 the school was transferred under the founding competence of the Town of Košice, Trieda SNP 48/A, 04011 Košice.

The primary school manages the property which is in the ownership of the Town of Košice as entrusted into its administration based on the Contract to hold movable property of the town in trust no. x of „date“ and the Contract to hold immovable property of the town in trust no. y of „date“. The primary school is financed from the budget of the Town of Košice and it administers the allocated finances independently.

In legal relations the primary school represents itself in its own name. As an administrator, the primary school performs legal acts concerning administration of property in the name of the municipality.

School teaching takes place in these times:

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